Solar Accessories

3p surge protective device 1000vdc

2p dc surge protective device 500vdc

2p dc MCB 32a/63a 550vdc

4p dc MCB 20a/32a/63a 1000vdc

4p 32a SISO-40 pv disconnect with ip66

4p 32a din rail pv disconnect 1000vdc

3p 150a/200a/250a NH1 dc battery fuse with holder 1000vdc

1p 100a/160a/200a dc battery fuse with holder 1000vdc

4p 63a automatic change over switch 380vac

3p 40a manual change over switch 440v

2p 100a/200a dc mccb 1000vdc

4p 100a dc mccb 1000vdc

4way/9way/12way/18way/24way suntree enclosure with ip66 standard

20/32a pv fuses with holder 1000vdc

Solar mc4 connectors

Y-2 Branch mc4 connectors

Y-3 Branch mc4 connectors

Y-4 Branch mc4 connectors

Single phase/3phase Automatic Voltage Switcher/AVS

4mm/6mm/10mm solar pv cable

4p ac surge protective device 385v