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Providing cost-effective solar solutions and products enabling citizens access smart and reliable electricity option.

We are a Kenyan energy solution company at the forefront of providing the best solar energy solutions and also leading the way in developing renewable energy ways and solutions.

We are working towards a cleaner environment saving customers energy bills.

Solar Modules/Panels

We supply high quality Solar Panels for use in any solar application. Our range of solar panels can be used with solar pumps, solar inverters, small or large solar systems.

Solar Charge Controllers

We supply epever/pwm solar charge controllers

Solar Street Lights

Our system is designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas. This system is an ideal application for campus and village street lighting

Solar Pumping Inverters

We supply quality hybrid solar pumping inverters i.e. Hober, Veichi, Frecon and INVT brands with inbuilt MPPT.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are essential if you are running a solar power system at your home or business.

Solar Inverters

We supply quality Hybrid High frequency/ low frequency Off/On grid inverters and inverter chargers with multi functions.

Solar Water Heating

We supply 300ltrs and 200ltrs indirect solar water heating with enamel coated tank, flat plate collectors, high pressure.

Solar Roof Aluminium Mounting Structures

We supply high quality solar roof mounting aluminum structures 4200mm long, with its associated components such as; mid clamps end clamps, L-fit short/long, splicing kitss, t-bolts, nuts and washers and self driving screws.

Solar Submersible Water Pumps

We supply quality solar dc submersible water pumps suitable for boreholes and wells both domestic and commercial purposes.

Solar Accessories

We offer quality solar accessories such as DC MCBs, DC Surge protectors/OVRs, PV disconnects, MC4 connectors, Y MC4 connectors, manual change over switch, PV combiner boxes, DC MCCBs, Automatic change over switch, enclosures with IP66 etc that help prolong the lifespan of solar systems.

Why choose us?

We have been supplying quality solar products, service and providing consultancy for long period of time.

We can assist any business or individual with all solar energy and equipment needs. Our main goal is to provide clients with the best solar energy solutions & quality solar energy systems.

Looking for solar related products? No need to worry.

To be the leading , consistent and recognisable solar solutions company in Kenya and the region at large.