Solar Water Pumps

Private households and farms need stable and consistent water supply; however, this can be particularly difficult in areas far off cities where there are no regular city-like water pipe supply systems available but only resources in forms of wells deep in the ground.

During hot months and in hot areas the requirement for water is high. Moreover, in some scarcely inhabited areas where regular irrigation for watering feels is crucial, often meager electricity infrastructure makes regular irrigation complicated, significantly driving operational and maintenance costs. Countering such complications and difficulties, solar water pumps are the optimal solution to both offset infrastructural limitations and reduce operational/ maintenance costs.

Solar water pump system – technical outline A solar energy-powered water pump is a water pump running on the electricity that is generated by solar photovoltaic modules. Using solar energy as power source, such solar water pumps basically consist of three main components:

1) The water pumps

2) solar photovoltaic modules

3) pump controller (and inverter)

A water pump basically is an electro-mechanical device that moves water by mechanical action and powered by an electricity generating source, which can be manifold, such as diesel engines, wind power or solar energy.


Applications of solar water pumps

According to each individual need, solar water pumps can be applied for a range of different purposes where pumping water is needed. Main applications include:

  1. Crop and plant irrigation
  2. drinking and cooking water supply
  3. swimming pools
  4. industrial water processing
  5.  fountains
  6. irrigation for Farming
  7. drinking Water for Livestock


Correct sizing of the pump, motor and controlling devices as well as detailed system design according to the location and usage of the solar water pump is essential to guarantee the optimal system performance and to avoid risks at water supply that may harm people, animals and crops.

200watts Solar Water Pumps
Maximum Head 25M
Maximum Flow Rate 3m*3/hr